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  • Applied Math / Scientific Computing and Engineering in Google Summer of Code 2016

    by Markus Blatt on March 8, 2016
    We summarize all organizations of Google Summer of Code that provide student summer jobs involving math or scientific computing and engineering. Students will contribute to open source projects from May to August 2016 and will be paid a substantial stipend by Google.
  • Loadbalancing with PT-Scotch as a replacement for ParMETIS

    by Markus Blatt on February 29, 2016
    ParMETIS is not free for non-academic usage. In this post we explain how open source PT-Scotch can be used as a drop-in replacement for it. We show how to install and use it with Debian packages as well as from source tarballs.
  • How to Create a Parallel Dune-Istl Matrix

    by Markus Blatt on February 25, 2016
    In this blog post we explain how to create a parallel dune-istl sparse matrix from one that is stored only on one process. The C++ code uses version 2.4.1 of the Iterative Solver Template Library.
  • Oil reservoir fields as open data available

    by Markus Blatt on November 18, 2015
    Since its 2015.10 release OPM ships several data sets of real world and synthetic oil reservoirs under an Open Data license. In this post we summarize these data sets.
  • Massively Parallel Simulations by Open Source Building Blocks

    by Markus Blatt on June 25, 2015
    We present the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE). It is an open source C++ software framework for the parallel solution of partial differential equations with grid-based methods. It allows users to rapidly build their own custom parallel simulation software using provided building blocks. We present a parallel application realized with DUNE and show its scalability on supercomputers with up to nearly 300,000 cores and 150 billion unknowns.
  • DUNE: Open Source Software for Technical Simulations

    by Markus Blatt on March 10, 2013
    My talk about DUNE at CeBiT 2013 with link to a video.
  • Talk at Meeting C++ 2012

    by Markus Blatt on November 12, 2012
    My trip report about my visit at Meet C++ 2012 in Neuss summarizing all some of the scientific talks given there.
  • Massively Parallel Algebraic Multigrid in DUNE

    by Markus Blatt on September 20, 2012

    Recently, I gave an invited talk at the "Lehrstuhl Numerische Mathematik für Höchstleistungsrechner (IANS)" at the University of Stuttgart that I would like to share here. The talk is about the parallel algebraic multigrid method (AMG) based on aggregation that I developed over the last years and showed some impressing ...

  • Forcing static linkage of C++ Binaries and Libraries with autoconf/automake/libtool

    by Markus Blatt on November 18, 2011
    We describe how to force autotools to link all C++ libraries statically. This helped to reduce the startup of our applications on supercomuters by nearly an hour.
  • DUNE, C++ and HPC for Industry

    by Markus Blatt on October 31, 2011

    As of today I am officially in business and providing industry with support and specialized training for DUNE, C++ and parallel programming. Additionally, I will do contract work in these areas. I think all three areas are hot topics these days that enterprises already care about and if not they ...