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The Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment

The "Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment" (short: DUNE, just like the movie) is a modular software toolbox for the parallel solution of partial differential equations (PDE). It is written in modern C++. Users can use its modules and building blocks to write their own custom parallel simulation software without having to reinvent wheels. All core modules and most of the other modules developed by the DUNE community are licenced under version 2 of the GNU General Public Licence, with a special exception for linking and compiling against DUNE, the so-called "runtime exception". This exception permits the use of DUNE even in proprietary applications. See the licence page for more information.

Some Application Areas


DUNE has been successfully used to simulate elektromagnetism. It has been used to simulate georadar, or ground penetrating radar (GPR). It is also used by the Paul Scherer Institute for simulating particle accelerators.

Geothermal Energy

DUNE has been used to model and simulate geothermal energy production sites. Both the model and the simulation results have been validated on real world production sites.

Porous Media Flow

Many users use DUNE to simulate porous media flow in all its variations. This includes Richard's equation, ground water flow, upscaling of porous media, fuel cells, and oil reservoir simulation.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

DUNE has been used to simulate the Navier Stokes equation and its reduced forms, like Euler, shallow water equations, and others. This includes the simulation of rising bubbles, tsunamis, dike breaches, atmosperics flow (e.g. for weather forecasts) and vulcanic ash distribution after an eruption.

Structural Mechanics

This is certainly not the major application area of DUNE. But among others it has been used to simulate stresses and forces within the knee of human patients.

Third Party Software using DUNE

Open Porous Media Initiative

The "Open Porous Media Initiative" (OPM) coordinates collaborative software development, maintains and distributes open-source software and open data sets, and seeks to ensure that these are available under a free license in a long-term perspective.

Current development is focused on CO2 sequestration and improved and enhanced oil recovery. Among other things it contains a parallel black oil simulator tested on real oil fields.


DuMux, DUNE for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, ...} flow and transport in porous media, is a free and open-source simulator for flow and transport processes in porous media. It is based on DUNE.

Kaskade 7

Kaskade 7 is a finite element toolbox for the solution of stationary or transient systems of partial differential equations. It is based on DUNE.