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About Dr. Blatt

I am an applied mathematician specialized in scientific computing on supercomputers and the design and implementation of efficient software for technical simulations.

I have been developing numerical software since 2003. At that time I developed a parallel multigrid algorithm for the fast solution of linear systems that scaled well up to 512 processors.

Since 2004 I am one of the core developers of the simulation toolbox DUNE. I am the author of major parts of the parallel linear algebra (include the massively scalable AMG method) within DUNE. I played a major role in the transition of the DUNE build system from autotools to CMake.

In spring 2011 I was invited to the "Jülich BlueGene/P Extreme Scaling Workshop" and could prove the extraordinary scalability of DUNE on all the 295,000 cores of IBM's Blue Gene/P.

Since around 2013 I have been contributing to the "Open Porous Media Initiative" (OPM). I have optimized my AMG method for their upscaling code, parallelized the cornerpoint grid within OPM along the lines of the DUNE grid interface, and parallelized their black oil reservoir simulator.