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DUNE: Open Source Software for Technical Simulations

DUNE, talk, Cebit, Open Source | 10-03-2013 | Markus Blatt

This year I got invited to the "Open Source Forum" at CeBiT in Hannover to give a talk about DUNE as open source software for technical simulations. If you are interested in a rather non-technical talk about our open source software then watch the video of my talk given at CeBiT 2013. The theme of the conference is "Shareconomy" and I guess an open source framework used by academia and the corporate world fits very well.

I presented the "Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment" (DUNE), a modular C++ toolbox for solving partial differential equations. Currently academics and corporates contribute to its development and use it to build and use custom high performance software for technical simulations. The talk is organized around the time line of the development of DUNE, starting with its inauguration in 2002 until 2013. Along the way I discuss why DUNE was started, how the development is organized, and what design and management decisions have been made.